Elsa & Fred

(2014, feature film, Millennium Entertainment) / Completed Project

Elsa & Fred was an opportunity for me produce alongside my friend and mentor, Academy Award-winning producer Ed Saxon. again on another feature film! I was the Co-Producer on the film, which is a remake of a Spanish-Argentine film that was a box office smash internationally. The story is a romantic comedy about two people who fall in love later in life. Our picture stars Academy Award-winners Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer, and Academy Award-nominee/BAFTA winner Michael Radford (Il Postino) directed. Our amazing supporting cast included Academy Award-winner Marcia Gay Harden, Chris Noth, Jared Gilman (the young star of Moonrise Kingdom), James Brolin, George Segal, Wendell Pierce, Reg Rogers, and Erika Alexander. In November 2014 Elsa & Fred had a theatrical run in select cities, and Millennium Entertainment has made the picture available on many VOD formats, including iTunes and Netflix.