2010 Lausanne Congress

The Lausanne Congress is a gathering of Christian leaders from around the globe, considering issues that impact the church and the world. Over 5,000 international delegates gathered Oct. 16-24, 2010 at the Capetown Convention Center in South Africa. The Brehm Center at Fuller Seminary curated the opening and closing ceremonies, and they asked me to generate all the graphics and videos for the two events.

Both ceremonies were absolutely beautiful — the music, the dancing, the dramas, the stage design — I was humbled to be a contributor on a great team. Special thanks to Dr. Clay Schmit, Dr. Ed Willmington, and Dr. Richard Mouw for the opportunity.

In total, it was about four hours of material. Graphics designer Joel Cheek was instrumental in helping me bite off this huge project.

Click here for a closer glimpse at the material we created.



2004, 2005, & 2006 City of the Angels Film Festival

The City of the Angels Film Festival is an annual three-day event at the Directors Guild of America. The festival started in the wake of the LA Riots, and focuses on bringing unity to the Los Angeles community through screening and discussing great works in cinema. Sponsored by several Christian organizations, universities, and production companies, there’s also an emphasis on films that illuminate the human spirit.

I worked as a producer of the festival for three years. I served on the creative programming committee, selecting films and festival guests, and oversaw film acquisitions, the budget, volunteer recruitment, and operations.





2004, 2005, & 2006 Reel Spirituality Conference

Reel Spirituality is a creative encounter between the church and Hollywood, featuring ministers and filmmakers in discovery of common ground as storytellers, image shapers and culture makers. Reel Spirituality’s flagship event is an annual conference at the Directors Guild of America. As assistant director of the institute from 2004-2006, I was privileged to produce three of the conferences, led by Fuller Seminary’s Dr. Rob Johnston and Dr. Barry Taylor.