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Evil West Ft. Danny Trejo

Evil West is over-the-top video game carnage set in a vampire-infested Wild West. The only thing that could make it scarier (and funnier) is the legendary Danny Trejo. Available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

The rumors are true… @officialdannytrejo is super chill and fun to work with. What a blast it was to line produce this comedic spot with him for the new Playstation game Evil West. So much funny stuff that we couldn’t fit into the cut. What a great trio of actors improvising together.

Client: @focus_entmt
Director: @dessilbas 
Principal Talent: @officialdannytrejo @karenbaughn @vertonbanks
Background Talent: @judyelle @bradculver @cuttergarciaselloandrewlyons @sigiravet
Casting Directors: @mormanboling
Mr. Trejo’s Representation: @aefhgloria
Production Company: @tigerhousefilms
Producer/DP: @jasonkentcarpenter
Line Producer: @jbellprods
1st AD: Jessica Shrader
CCO: @yeshyeshyall
1st AC: @dave_eaves
2nd AC: Francesca DiMarzio
Gaffer: @zissoublue
Key Grip: @mk112789
Swing G&E: @harrissmith1525
Sound: @soundryan
Wardrobe/Key HMU: @lucabuzas
HMU: @neadune
HMU Mr. Trejo: @aliciacarbajal
Stylist Asst.: @r.mi.chelle
Prod. Designer: @randy.kizer
Art Director:

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