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Full of Grace

A film about the life of Jesus’ mother, Mary of Nazareth, in her final earthly hours.

In association with Outside da Box and ReKon Productions, I produced Full of Grace, written and directed by Andrew Hyatt. The movie was released Cinedigm in early 2016, and currently available on Amazon Prime. The film is an exploration of the years after Christ’s resurrection and follows the life of his mother, Mary of Nazareth, in her final earthly hours. There are several elements of this project that got me excited about producing it. First, it is a very cinematic and poetic piece, similar in style to The Tree of LifeSecond, the story is referential to and inspired by the Biblical accounts and church history, yet is more of a creative interpretation of what MAY have happened to Mary in her final days. There is great artistic freedom in that. Third, most other biblical-era films choose to shoot in foreign countries, yet we decided to depict the first century world by shooting in iconic Hollywood locations such as Bronson Caves (of Batman fame) and Malibu Creek State Park, which served as the backdrop for M*A*S*H. And fourth, we tried through our casting to use a diverse cast that is more reflective of the people and the time, vs. ignoring ethnic authenticity.

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