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“Let’s add some color to it."

AWANA is the global ministry leader in the discipleship of young people ages 2-18. Justin Bell Productions has produced and cast a few narrative projects for this organization. This one, in particular, highlights the large impact a loving, caring adult can have on a child.

CLIENT: @awana

Agency/Production Company: @oxcreates
Written & Directed by: @corrygw
Produced by: @jbellprods
Executive Producer: @jesseoxford
Casting Directors: Evan Cholfin & Justin Bell
Line Producer: @thealexisgrant

Ms. Chapman: @kimberlyarland
Young Melanie: @realcarissabazler
Adult Melanie: Alex Tyler Smith
Angela: Farrah Bilica
Melanie’s Dad: @prestongeer
Melanie’s Grandma: Grace Diane Jensen
Pianist: @yulia.rossignoli

Zayne Alloush, Grant Harper, Zion Akande, Liana Rossignoli, Anthony Defilippo, Anais Gonzalez, Issabella Steiner, Brianni Walker, Zophia Rose, Nasreen El-Shabazz, Hailey Perng, Miracle Idowu, Leegion Fausto, Kaylanee Davis, Joy, Victoria Harris, Viravara Shetty, Haylee Allison

DP: @QuintonBrogan
1AD: @Gavin_Buckland
2AD Amy Ergle,
1AC: @tucurly4u
Gaffer: @joe_shmoe @alexyu850
Key Grip: Rob Bennett
Swing G&E: @TonyVillaFilm
Sound: Michael Alaynick
Production Designer: @thevisibleChad
Set Decorator: @KimBrucal
Set Dresser: Erik Herrara
Set Dresser / Driver: Gabe Villa
Key Hair and Makeup: @neadune
Wardrobe Stylist: @ShayBstyle
Wardrobe Assistant: Carl Hakenjos
Casting Associate: @MichaelChasin
Prod Coordinators: @Kumie_adventure @Ryusuke@MichaelChasin
Studio Teacher: Ronald Barker
Set PA: @sabreebree1
Set PA/ Driver: @ben_310

Editor: @corrygw
VFX / Motion Design: @tucurly4u
Graphic Designers: @AmyLBallance
Original Score: @JonnyMendez_
Sound Design/Mixing: Ryan Pribyl
Colorist: @QuintonBrogan

Account Executive: @JenOxford
Account Manager: @OliviaLudwick
Business Manager: @RuseKatie

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