VTech LeapFrog

These 2022 VTech & LeapFrog spot were written and directed by Corry Wiens:

The 2021 series of video campaigns I produced for VTech and LeapFrog are starting to launch. Here’s the first batch, including the Recycling Hero video, which my son Dean was featured in. Proud dad!

Late Summer 2020, at the height of COVID-19, I managed to produce 5 comedy spots for VTech & LeapFrog. How did I do it? By casting real directors of photography and their real kids as both the filmmakers and the cast of our spots, and then had a small crew supporting them outside in their yards in a COVID-19 safe way. First time filming that way, but everyone stayed safe and we pulled it off! Not all spots are available yet, but posting what I have so far. Directed by Michelle Steffes, written by Michelle Steffes and Joey Aucoin, co-produced with Evan Cholfin and Stories International.


Early Summer 2020, during the COVID-19 stay at home order in Los Angeles, I produced as series of “Kidfluencer” videos where real parents filmed their kids on iPhones featuring VTech & LeapFrog products. Shot 100% remotely via Zoom in a COVID-19 safe way! Not all of these have posted yet, but posting what I have so far. Directed by Lilan Bowden with production services provided by Evan Cholfin and Stories International:


February 2020 I produced a series of “point of purchase” videos for VTech & LeapFrog. Directed by Lilan Bowden. Co-produced and casting by Evan Cholfin and Stories International.


Winter 2019 I reunited with VTech to produce a series of commercial spots for their new Netflix show, Go! Go! Cory Carson. Directed by Lilan Bowden. Directory of Photography, Carissa Dorson. Production design, wardrobe style, and HMU by Luca Buzas. Edited by Erin Brown Thomas. Written by Clayton Farris and Kelly Vrooman.


Summer 2018 – in collaboration with OX Creative, director Rebecca Blumhagen, and writer Clayton Farris I produced this fun commercial series for VTech and LeapFrog. Was especially fun because my own children are big fans of these toys and educational products!